Redneck Wood

Memorial plaque 

So if you follow Pete on YouTube. You may already know unfortunately his seeing eye dog passed away about a year ago. I started to follow him just a little bit before. When I saw his heart touching videos I knew I had to make this for him. Pete Gustin was nice enough to post my wood project to YouTube. I have had some request from some fans of Pete asking if I could make something for them. Hence me now making this website.

Drawing out superdog on some black walnut.

Dimond background finished.

All put together. Sanded and ready for stain. 

Finished with food grade mineral oil. 

Redneck Wood projects limited.

I would like to start making my own spin on coffee tables, kitchen tables, night stands, and end tables. Also would like to take request to make memorial plaques or really anything. As I make some Redneck Wood I will post pictures and pricing on the website as well as videos of the process. I have a full workshop and love to do this as a hobby. 

More creator art to come!!

I plan on making more YouTube creator art. When I made Pete's plaque, I thought how nice it would be to send something to my favorite creators.